Children with a cleft palate can have a higher chance of ear infections and hearing difficulties than children without a cleft palate. This is because of a structure called the eustachian tube. The eustachian tube allows the inside of the ear to drain any fluid out into the back of the nose. Because of the abnormal position of the muscles and tendons in children with cleft palate, the eustachian tube cannot drain the ear as well as in children without a cleft palate and can lead to higher risks of middle ear infections.

For this reason, it is important for children with cleft palate to have regular hearing checkups. The audiology department at the hospital provides services like Audiometry and Tympanometry which helps to diagnose and treat hearing defects.

Pathway of Care

All the patients who have a cleft palate must undergo assessment at the following stages:
Pre-op hearing assessment

Post-op assessment after 3 months

Hearing assessment at age 2

Hearing assessment at age 3

Hearing assessment at age 5

Hearing assessment at age 10-12


Services Available:

 Newborn screening( BERA Test)
 Tympanometry ( Acoustic admittance measurements)
 Pure tone Audiometry
 Speech Audiometry
 Evoked response audiometry
 Hearing aid and evaluation
 Real ear measurement facilities
 Pre-employment screening
 Tinnitus therapy
 Aural Rehabilitation
 Extensive aftercare services
 School screening services


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