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Why Cleft Nutrition?

Children with cleft palate suffers from chronic mal nourishment as mothers are usually not trained in feeding. Neglection of these children also poses great threat to the dietary needs of cleft palate infants. Cleft Hospital ensures healthy growth and helps parents to understand the nutrition and dietary needs of cleft children. Our Cleft Nutrition specialist helps these children to grow normally and maintain their nutrition before and after surgery.


Mothers of infants with cleft lip and palates are taught to breast feed cleft baby in right position. Other Alternates of Breast feeding are also taught to new mothers. A practical demonstration is given to mothers on manual and electrical breast pumps and then taught to feed the cleft lip and palate child with droppers, spoons and other assisting devices. This helps to prevent increasing the gap in the cleft lip, prevent ear infections due to open palate and also maintains nutritional requirement of the baby.


In addition, Specially designed nutrition plans for Cleft children helps them to maintain the required weight, hemoglobin levels to have smooth and easy surgery. Doctors and Nutritionist closely observe the health of the cleft children after surgery and ensure long term health of these children with the help of continuously modified dietary plans, counseling of parents and system of follow-up visits


Dr Reha Kisnisci

Professor, Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Turkey