Our Vision:


Our vision is to create a world class treatment facility for cleft lip & cleft palate under one roof in Pakistan. And to provide highest standards of surgical treatment and rehabilitation services irrespective of financial status, race and color, to every child born with cleft lip and cleft palate.



The Cleft Hospital Pakistan is a modern cleft treatment facility established by Dr. Ijaz Bashir with the support of family and a team of British plastic surgeons with the vision to become a model institution providing the highest quality of cleft care through the application of modern methods of treatment and care for cleft patients in Pakistan.

During the early years after his graduation, Dr. Bashir noticed that a large number of cleft patients came to Bashir Hospital who were left untreated due to poor financial conditions. As patients with cleft require proper care and monitoring since birth with long follow ups, there was the dire need that a sustainable cleft care center is established which exclusively provides proper health care services and surgery that cleft patients demand. Building a cleft care facility that would provide free treatment to indigent patients appeared to be an impossible task to many but Dr. Bashir pushed through all the hardships and finally Cleft Hospital Pakistan was founded in 2010 which has since been offering international standard cleft lip and palate treatment to patients with congenital cleft anomalies at low cost. The hospital is built on more than the 2-acre family owned land in Juliani, G.T road. Dr. Bashir himself overlooked the construction and execution of designing and architectural services of the building keeping in mind all the suggestions provided by the foreign doctors who visited Pakistan regularly.


Currently, Cleft Hospital Pakistan offers primary cleft surgery, speech and language therapy, audiology, dentistry, and orthodontics, as well as secondary surgery as required. It has taken initiative to provide maxillofacial treatment to the patients and aims to do the same with ENT in the future.


Chairman Message:

Cleft Hospital Pakistan is a World Class Centre catering all the needs for treatment of cleft lip and palate under one roof.We started with the mission to deliver international standard treatment facility to every cleft lip and palate patient.

A group of nationally and internationally renowned cleft surgeons, Orthodontists, Speech therapists, Audiologists and paramedics have pooled their services to provide state of art Cleft Treatment Services and Trainings.

Our partners in Pakistan and abroad are striving hard to develop this platform as a Health Service Delivery Model in Pakistan.Let us join hands to strengthen and expand this unique facility with the mission to change lives by filling the gaps.Let us please our Creator and do what He expects from us.

As it is said:

“Those who are beneficial for others are best among the people.”

“ Those who spend (freely) whether in prosperity and adversity who restrain anger and pardon all (men), for God loves those who do good. ” (Al-Imran: 134)


Cleft Hospital Pakistan is a world class facility for complete treatment of Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate Patients.Cleft Hospital is a Non-Profit Organization Dedicated to Improve the Quality of Life of Infants, Children and Adults with Cleft Lip and Palate or Craniofacial Conditions.

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